Your Guide to February

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National Wear Red Day

#GoRedforWomen and join the movement to end heart disease and stroke by wearing red today.


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Academy Awards

Roll out your own red carpet and tune in to see which stars of the silver screen will take home an Oscar® this year.


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Valentine’s Day

Fun fact: About 40% of people would like to receive a V-Day gift, but only 25% plan to give one. Better get that box of chocolates, just in case.


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Presidents’ Day

Happy Birthday, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln!


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Fat Tuesday

Why is it called Fat Tuesday? It’s the direct translation of the French words Mardi (Tuesday) and gras (fat), which reflects the practice of overindulgence that often takes place before lent.


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Leap Day

It only comes around every four years! But why? The Earth takes 365.242 days to orbit around the sun, so leap years are needed to balance our calendars with those extra hours.

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