3 Plays You Need to Bring Home a Win This Homebuying Season

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Basketball isn’t the only madness taking place in March.

Spring kicks off the house-hunting season, and without a game plan, you might find yourself in the losing bracket. Here are three offensive plays you need to score a win this homebuying season:

0b24c2 ac592045dfe9467c8c343938e682c246mv2 Get pre-approved before you start house hunting.
With a pre-approval , you’ll know what you can afford, that you’ll qualify for a loan*, and that sellers will take your offers seriously.

0b24c2 8d82b093903342cdaa9cfbbe5c079d97mv2 Get your finances in order.
Understand all the costs that come with buying a home , and make sure you have enough cash on hand to pay for necessary expenses, such as earnest money, inspection fees, and closing costs.

0b24c2 9b1212ac67e7453a876bea8be70fc74amv2 Find a good real estate agent.
An experienced agent will help the whole process run smoothly, from sending you quality listings that match your criteria to negotiating with the seller on your behalf. Need a referral? We’re happy to provide one.

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*Subject to certain conditions.