Your Guide to April

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From discovering your green thumb to getting in touch with your inner artist, April offers up a myriad of ways to take care of yourself — and the planet. Read on to see what else this month has in store!

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April 6 – Walk to Work Day
Kick off the month of April by taking steps toward a healthier you … literally! Just in time for World Health Day on April 7, Walk to Work Day is a call to leave the car at home and add some exercise into your morning commute. If work is too far to walk, commit to taking a stroll outside at lunch time instead. Pro tip: Make daily walks a habit by joining or starting a walking club. Visit the American Heart Association for info on how to get started.

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April 13 – International Plant Appreciation Day
Plants are not only necessary for our survival, they’re also part of a happy, healthful life. They help to purify the air, boost moods, and improve focus and productivity. Incorporate the power of plants into your life by adding a few houseplants to your home, taking up flower or vegetable gardening, or volunteering at a local nursery.

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April 15 – World Art Day (Leonardo DaVinci’s Birthday)
Imagine a world without creativity. Now imagine all the ways art has influenced your life. Whether it’s music, literature, painting, or some other form of self-expression, art moves us, unites us, and enriches our lives. On World Art Day, get in touch with your creative side, or give a nod to artists of the past by visiting your nearest museum or art gallery.

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April 17 – Tax Day
Make your own living or work space a little more cheerful and colorful by planting a flower on March 12. It’s a lovely way to welcome the coming of spring. March is generally a great time to start preparing an outdoor garden for the planting season, and you can support the environment at the same time.

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April 22 – Earth Day
Did you know that from 2002-2012, humans produced more plastic than they did in the entire 20th century? While plastic has brought convenience to many aspects of our daily lives, our consumption of plastic is beginning to pose a significant threat to our environment. You can help by reducing the amount of plastic you use and opting for alternatives, such as glass water bottles and reusable grocery bags. And when plastic is in the picture, always remember to reuse or recycle!

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In keeping with this month’s eco-friendly theme, now is a great time to consider ways you can go green at home. Whether you want to upgrade to energy-efficient appliances or move to a newer, more eco-friendly abode, give me a call to discuss your financing options!