Serving with stamina, discipline & dedication

Like the Spartan warriors of old, we’re equipped with the skills needed to succeed—regardless of the odds. We see our team, partners, and clients as a family that we protect and fight for.


Spearheading empowerment in our industry

Since 2010, our family of Mortgage300 Corporation brands has transformed dreams into reality for our homebuyers, real estate agents, and loan officers.

The collective wisdom and experience of our forces combined—Cason, Genisys, and M300—form a firm foundation. As lifelong learners and intrepid achievers, we constantly grow, learn, and adapt to an ever-changing market.

Values we champion every day

As a team of elite leaders, we walk the talk.



As we harmonize our talents, we strengthen each other.



Lasting relationships are built on integrity and openness.



Serving clients & partners means looking out for opportunities.



Upward focus & movement are how we continually achieve more.

20% faster closings with RapidApp

With our desktop & mobile app, RapidApp, the closing process is streamlined and enjoyable.

15,000+ families in new homes

For 11 years and counting, we've allied with thousands of people on the road to a new home.

99%+ of pre-approvals close

When our clients are preapproved, that means they’re truly qualified for their loan.

Our brand promise

We provide a personalized, transparent mortgage experience that puts your best interests first.


We’re always pushing the limits of what's possible, so you can realize your dreams.


Mortgage300 culture in action

Let's create
the destiny you desire

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